The Centro de Investigaciones Sociales (CIS) is a Unidad Ejecutora of dual dependence (IDES and CONICET). It was formally created in 2013 by Res. 517/13 CONICET, and gathers research members of the Carrera del Investigador Científico (CONICET) that IDES has used as its center since the 1980s, as well as researchers who, while also working at IDES, have had other sources of funding.
The creation of IDES was initially the product of the climate of ideas associated with developmentalism and the concomitant discussions by intellectuals, professionals and experts in developmental policy. IDES has always offered courses and seminars, as well as conferences, round tables, and symposia on topics related to social and economic development. Its journal, Desarrollo Económico, is one of the oldest and most prestigious social science periodicals published in Latin America.
CIS is deeply committed to interdisciplinary work. While some of its projects focus on Argentina, others focus on comparative work with other Latin Amercian and European countries.
Members of CIS participate in important national and international academic networks and are deeply committed to teaching at the graduate level. They have participated in the planning and launching of several prestigious social science graduate programs.
The CIS carries out frequent international academic activities (conferences, seminars, workshops, etc), sometimes in coordination with other national and international institutions. CIS is also committed to the training of academics, professionals and policy makers.