Ciudadanía y Derechos Humanos - Citizenship and Human Rights


This program focuses on research in the diverse dimensions of the construction of citizenship and the defense of human rights. The analytical perspective is centered on the social processes of the fight to widen the rights of diverse social groups (women, workers, indigenous peoples, immigrants, etc.) as well as different types of rights (social, economic, civil, political, cultural, environmental, etc).

The aim of the program is to investigate the intersections, conflicts, and interactions between political state institutions (its organizational structures, public policies, and actions of its staff) in its different scales (from the global to the local) on one hand, and the social construction of citizenship through the actions of social movements and change in global symbolism and culture, on the other.

It originates in the initial research for the fight for citizen rights in the transition post-dictatorship in Argentina, as well as the Southern Cone as a whole. As an area of research of IDES, the program brings forward multiple projects from the 1990's.

This program develops a variety of specific projects which are accompanied by seminars, workshops and conferences, public presentation of the results, and the development and supervision of young researchers and post-graduate teaching.

International cooperation and participation in networks of exchange are central characteristics of the program.