The Grupo Interdisciplinario de Investigadores en Formación, or the Interdisciplinary Group of Researchers in Training, looks to establish academic spaces and trainings that stimulate reflection regarding the relation between research training in the social sciences and the humanities, and the specific historic conditions that create particular forms of learning, academic production, and professionalism. The Group was first conceived at the end of 2010 when postgraduate students in the humanities and social sciences, the majority of whom were training at CIS headquarters, met with the idea of encouraging the creation of interdisciplinary spaces capable of theoretical-methodological reflection concerning the ups and downs, difficulties, and questions experienced during their research. The members of this program participate in different research projects, individually and in groups, and, since 2001, organize the Jornadas de Investigadores en Formación, or the Conference of Researchers in Training, an annual scientific meeting, as well as bi-monthly open discussion seminars.

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