IDES was created on November 8th, 1960 in Buenos Aires, and is a private, non-profit academic institution. From its beginning it has devoted itself to economic, historical, social, political and cultural research.
On September 4th, 2012 CONICET and IDES signed an agreement for the creation of the CIS. Its goals are:
1) To carry out research in the different fields of the social sciences.
2) To carry out this research within the framework of pre-existing programs.
3) To promote the training of human resources (junior researchers and fellows).
4) To consolidate existing groups through training of human resources.
5) To promote the creation of new programs, research groups, and research lines with national and international recognition, while training a new generation of researchers in the climate of openness and freedom that has characterized IDES since itsmoment of its creation.
6) To strengthen and expand an anvironment of high quality scientific research that provides an opportunity for the training of young scholars.
7) To promote the formation of research networks as well as a consolidation of exiting inter-institutional connections at both the national and international levels.
8) To promote interdisciplinary work and exchange of experience between groups and individual researchers.
9) To promote the continuous evolution of social knowledge and the scientific and technical exchanges.
10) To promote ample diffusion and application of the scientific knowledge generated in CIS.