Núcleo de Estudios Judíos - Nucleus for Jewish Studies

The Nucleus for Jewish Studies or NEJ (after its acronym in Spanish) was founded in mid-2005 by doctoral students from various social sciences, who had become painfully aware of the lack of an academic center focusing on the history and present situation of Argentinean Jewry as a social group.

Our objectives include developing a forum for researchers wishing to discuss bibliographical resources; sponsoring critical review of findings we present at our monthly meetings; and coordinating encounters with local and foreign scholars.

In 2007 the NEJ joined the IDES (Institute of Economic and Social Development), thanks to the support of Dr. Elizabeth Jelin.


Providing a space for academic research on the Jews of Argentina.
Recruiting new researchers engaged in social-science study of Jewry.
Updating research materials.
Establishing contacts with international research centers devoted to relevant topics.
Organizing academic meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars for study and research.
Diversifying research into a broader field of socio-economic and cultural issues affecting Jews (globalization, diaspora, religion, ethnicity, nationality, social representations, poverty and social disaffection, etc).

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