Programa de Antopología Social (PAS) - Program of Social Anthropology


The Programa de Antropología Social (or Program of Social Anthropology) brings together researchers and graduate fellows of the different topics related to Argentina society, politics, State, and culture, as well as the comparative perspective of colleagues in Latin America, the United States, and Europe concerning the practice and theory of Social Anthropology. PAS’ research shares the ethnographic perspective, including intensive and face-to-face fieldwork known as “ethnography”, according to the academic tradition of Social Anthropology with its innovations and reformulations in the modern world. Work with rural and urban populations, indigenous peoples, workers, farmers, entrepreneurs, state officials, migrants, academics, and intellectuals all takes place with the Program.

Anthropological research at IDES began at CAS-IDES from the heart of the seminar taught by Esther Hermitte, Ph.D., in 1979 on medical anthropology. It was then established with the arrival of researchers and fellows from CONICET and teams with different sources of funding (FLACSO, CLACSO, FONCYT-ANPCYT, PIP-CONICET, European Union).

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