Programa de Estudios sobre Juventud, Educación y Trabajo - Program on Youth, Education, and Work Studies


The Programa de Estudios sobre Juventud, Educación y Trabajo (PREJET) proposes the investigation, systemization, and dissemination of knowledge and debate in themes of youth, education, and work. PREJET inquires into professional training, adopting a theoretical perspective that proposes integrating macro-social analysis with institutional analysis, and the pathways and representations of young people. The issue includes educational and employment policies of individual actors and the institutional actors that operate in this field (schools, training centers; civil society organizations, public organisms from the local to the national, etc.).

The current research of the program, using quantitative as well as qualitative methodological strategies, covers educational policy and strategy, youth training and employment; their career development and the impact of professional training programs (in general and from a gender perspective); educational internships as a point of entry into the work force; the Bachilleratos para Jóvenes y Adultos Públicos de Gestión Privada, and professional training and the completion of secondary school as a strategy of work and social inclusion.

PREJET's framework carries out various academic activities that include assistance to scholars and thesis writers, such as an internal seminar to analyze and reflect on their written work, the organization of open workshops to discuss such research, and teaching and advising with field actors. 

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